Thursday, May 17, 2012

parmesan mayo chicken bake

The other day, I was watching TV and there was an ad for mayonnaise. It was 30 seconds quick recipe, but it looked so good. We also had left over mayo sitting in the fridge so this recipe was perfect! It was very easy to make and it turned out quite good (even though the skin didn't turn out perfectly. haha). It's always fun (and anxious) to try new recipes. If you have any fun recipes, please share it with me!


Chicken breasts - 4 (boneless, skinless)

Mayonnaise - 1 cup (American mayo)
Parmesan cheese - 1 cup (grated)
Salt & Pepper - to taste

Italian bread crumbs - 1 1/2 cup (*see TIPS)

[Chicken seasoning]
Salt - 1 tsp
Black pepper - 1 tsp
Paprika - 2 tsp


  1. Make few slits on chicken breasts. Marinade with chicken seasoning and keep it in the fridge for 30 min - an hour. 
  2. Mix mayo, cheese, salt & pepper together in a bowl. 
  3. If you are using Japanese breadcrumbs, add in the breadcrumbs together with 2 tsp Italian seasoning, 1 tsp paprika and 1 tsp of your favorite herbs. Blend it until very fine and integrated. 
Make slits
Season it


  1. Dip each chicken breast in mayo/cheese mixture. Then roll on the breadcrumbs. Make sure it's all covered by bread crumbs. Repeat for all. Place them in a oven-safe dish. 
  2. Bake for 20-25 minutes. 

Bake for 20-25 minutes


  1. Let it sit in the oven-safe dish for 5 minutes before serving. 


  • For crispier crust, put in the broiler for few minutes. But watch the meat - it cooks real fast. 
  • Try cutting the biggest chicken breast to make sure it's cooked inside. 

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