Friday, June 1, 2012

mochilato - fullerton, ca

We are on the road again, that means no cooking for the next few days. I'll introduce some places we've visited (and thought it had yummy food!) Cafe Mochilato is so cute! They have different kinds of small, bite-size desserts. It's a combination/fusion of Japanese and Korean food & desserts. We tried quite a few things on the menu, and we liked the gelato mochi the best (especially Guava flavor - yummy!). They have so many flavors and the texture of mochi is perfect. They also had my childhood favorite manjyu (Japanese confection), Hiyoko manjyu. :) If you are in the Orange County area, stop by and try them out!

Mochilato = Mochi + Gelato
Monaka & blurry cream puff in the background (Beard Papa - can't go wrong with that!)
Japanese cheesecake
French Macaroons


  1. We need to have places like this here!

  2. Woooo yummy! You guys know the best dessert places!!