Friday, June 1, 2012

tulsa rib company - orange, ca

Just the other day, my brother-in-law asked a question: What's real American food? We thought of pizza, hamburger, hot dog, etc but we think BBQ is the real American food that reflects American culture. Anyway, I'm on my own little quest for finding best ribs (if you haven't noticed quite a few ribs postings). So far, I haven't found the one that I'm in LOVE with, but it's always fun to try new ribs from different places. Tulsa Rib Company is another rib restaurant (I should make a separate label for ribs, huh?) we found in Orange County. It was quite good, but my quest will probably continue. :) 

Appetizer: Deep Fried Artichoke Hearts - new taste!
Baby Back Ribs with Potato salad & beans. Fall off the bone meat.
Fries. Not good picture of beef ribs (it was yummy, though!)
Country Pork Sandwich = the best meal out of all.
Sausage combo - good sausage & tulsa potatoes were very good, too.

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  1. I love ribs too! Yeah, you should definitely have a ribs section on your blog. Haha!! Everything looks delicious!!