Thursday, October 25, 2012

100th post

To celebrate, hubby bought me Costco All-American Chocolate Cake! I'm a happy girl. :)
This is my 100th post on Thank you everyone for stopping by and leaving me comments & suggestions! Thank you, hubby, for the wonderful 100th post. Your words mean a lot to me! 

To celebrate her 100th post, I've been asked to write a guest post.
Let me begin by saying how very proud and happy I am with Rie for being so consistent with her blog. Not only does she take time to think about what to make, she also spends hours taking photos of her food, drafting, and editing her posts. This blog really is a labor of love for her. Besides taking care of Hannah and I, she keeps the house clean, runs errands, prepares for her responsibilites at church, and participates in various service projects. So, for her to spend time working on her blog is truly a testament to how dedicated she is to sharing her talent with all of you.
I'd like to tell you a little bit about Rie. Rie was fortunate to grow up under the guidance of her mother, who is a very talented cook from Penang. Rie's mother spent many years toiling in the kitchen, first for her siblings and parents, and then for her husband and two daughters. She always made sure that her family was well-fed and imparted her talent for cooking and service to Rie. While attending college, Rie was able to refine her cooking skills, under the watchful eyes of her then-boyfriend. It was in college that Rie learned to make pao, oyako donburi, and Japanese croquettes, among other food. After we were married, Rie continued to pursue her passion in cooking and baking by learning other recipes. She's sought out some of my parents' recipes and has tried her hand at Southeast Asian cuisine. There are some days when she's feeling too tired to cook, or when she simply doesn't have any inspiration on what to make for dinner, but somehow, she almost always finds the strength (and inspiration) to put something together. I attribute that to good genes, hard work, and great role models throughout her life. 
This blog is a journal of sorts, if you will, of her efforts to keep our family fed and happy. It represents the love, sacrifice, and hard work that has gone into raising our family. She's opened up her heart and recipes to you, so treat these recipes with care. Growing up in a home where both my parents cooked, I recognize and appreciate the hard work that goes into preparing meals for the family and I hope that this blog will be a source of inspiration for you and your family the next time you ask, "dinner, wa?"


  1. Congratulations on the 100th post!!!! I'm so glad you have this blog because this sure is an inspiration to me when I don't know what to cook for dinner! Thank oi for your hard work! Love ya!

  2. 100th post! Yay!! You should link your blog to Facebook so more people can enjoy your talents!! Well written, Nat. I'm also glad Rie has this blog because I really do reference it many many times! Eric would ask "Is this one of Rie's recipes?" Haha. I love your food! Even though you guys are so far away, we can still have Rie-style food to fill our tummies. We miss you all! Thanks for your hard work, Rie!

  3. Thank you so much for being such a supportive sister/friend and for leaving wonderful comments & suggestions. :)

    I decided to go public (post on Facebook) when I hit my 365th post.