Sunday, June 24, 2012

a slice of new york - san jose, ca

Our friends introduced this pizzeria to us and it's the only one we go there (besides Costco pizza - nothing can beat the price!) The simpler the pizza is, the better. We like simple margarita pizza and chicken with basil & tomatoes the best. Don't forget to leave some space in your tummy for some garlic knots (yummy, gooey bread soaked in garlic sauce) and for some cannoli. A Slice of New York is easily in our top 5 restaurants in San Jose.
Cannoli... you're so yummy. (It's quite big so you might want to share)
Garlic knots with marinara sauce


  1. Why don't you come here to taste this kind of food. I am sure you will like it.
    new york pizza san jose

    1. Looks like a great place! we should try it out sometime. Thanks! :)